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Welcome to Monadnock Nutrition Services

Specializing in the outpatient treatment of eating disorders, we provide virtual nutrition consulting via a HIPAA-compliant, secure and confidential platform. We take a non-diet, weight-inclusive, Health At Every Size approach to our belief that all bodies are good bodies. We work with our clients' unique personal experiences to help them improve their health and make peace with food.

Currently accepting new clients

Monadnock Nutrition Services is currently accepting new clients and has NO WAIT LIST.

We strive to provide our clients immediate access to our specialized care.

Please refer to our Virtual Services page for a full list of states in which we can provide counseling online.

Monadnock Nutrition Services also accepts most major insurances for in-person nutrition counseling.

Please refer to our Insurance page for more information.


To make an appointment, please call or email our office at for scheduling.

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