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About Christin

Christin Saucier, RDN, LDN is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) specializing in the treatment of eating disorders utilizing a Health At Every Size, intuitive eating, weight inclusive and body acceptance practice. She believes that all bodies are good bodies, and makes it a point to understand her client’s struggles from their own unique perspective. After all, YOU are the expert of your own body’s experience.

Christin’s goal is to help you feel confident about food and your body and to live your best life despite a culture of diets, weight stigma and “good foods / bad foods”. You deserve to have unconditional permission to eat the food you want without guilt.

Sorry, no diets here! Instead, Christin focuses on your individual nutrition therapy needs and practices from a weight-neutral approach that is aligned with the Health At Every Size principles.


In addition to the treatment of eating disorders, Christin specializes in many other various conditions and age ranges. Please see our Specialties page for a comprehensive list. As a fun fact, she is also an expert in the field of breastfeeding, and was a Certified Lactation Consultant for just under eight years.


Education and Credentials

Christin has a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition from Keene State College, which is also where she completed her Dietetic Internship in 2009. She is currently licensed in the states of New Hampshire and Massachusetts, yet can see clients virtually from an additional fourteen states in the US. See our Services page for more details.


Christin is currently a member of the Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH) and the Multiservice Eating Disorder Association (MEDA)


About Nicole

Nicole Ling, MS RD LDN, is an Anti-Diet Registered Dietitian that uses the foundations of intuitive eating and Health At Every Size to help her clients achieve a healthy relationship with food and their body. She understands that every client’s needs are different and will help them explore what it means to be at peace with it. As an anti-diet dietitian, Nicole believes that everyone should be able to nourish themselves with all the foods that they love without judgement, restriction or shame. 

Nicole has experience in working in the treatment of eating disorders for several years at the inpatient, residential, PHP (Partial Hospitalization) and IOP (Intensive Outpatient) level. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition from University Massachusetts Amherst and completed her Master’s degree in Nutrition and health promotion and Dietetic Internship at Simmons University where she focused on eating disorder treatment. Nicole is currently licensed in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

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About Michaela

Michaela Gerberich RD, LDN received a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition from Framingham State University and completed her dietetic internship at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA. Michaela is most passionate about helping others heal their relationship with food AND their bodies through a non-judgemental and compassionate lens. She enjoys teaching others how to look within themselves for answers, rather than turning to the latest fad diet or nutrition trend. Michaela believes that all people deserve to rediscover the intuitive eater within and provides a safe space to explore personal beliefs around body image, food, and exercise. She has spent several years counseling clients for a variety of topics, specializing in disordered eating.
Michaela is currently licensed in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

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