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"I worked with Nicole when I started having post-COVID GI issues. Nicole helped me as a supportive and nurturing presence and was by my side as I investigated medical care and figured out next steps in my nutritional treatment. Nicole helped me to clarify what to ask my doctors and worked with me when I explored the low fodmap diet and connecting with a GI hypnotherapist as well."


When I first started my sessions with Christin Saucier I was in a fairly fragile state in concern to food and my body. I had just gotten home from a 4 month stay at a residential/ PHP ED program, and had no idea how to eat and feel “normal” in my nourished body. Christin really helped me feel secure and safe while navigating the windy road of recovery. Our weekly sessions were full of learning, laughter, and definitely some crying. She really helped me develop a healthy mindset when it came to eating, and even just acceptance. Although I still struggle with some pieces of my ED now, I know I wouldn’t be where I am in my recovery had it not been for Christin’s support and guidance. Even though we have switched to less frequent visits, I always look forward to meeting with Christin and bringing up new or old concerns that my ED throws my way. I am so grateful for Christin and Monadnock Nutrition Services!


I reached out to Christin because I couldn't do anorexia and bulimia recovery on my own any longer. Sure, I didn't engage in the "worst" of my ED behaviors any more, but every single meal time was a struggle. I couldn't eat snacks, sweets, or fast food; I was obsessed with "intermittent fasting" (which was, for me, a more socially acceptable anorexia), and I refused to eat in front of anyone except my husband. Ever. (I never went to restaurants!) I also had chronic nausea and fatigue because of my under-nourishing food choices. Still, I was terrified to contact a nutritionist. A series of bad ED therapists early in my recovery had made things worse rather than better. I didn't trust anyone, and was determined to do my recovery all on my own. And so I presented myself to my nutritionist Christin as someone who was "basically fine" (except for this little ol' chronic nausea thing...) Christin was able to help me realize the extent to which I was still struggling -- in other words, she called my ED out on its bullsh*t. And she did so in a way that NEVER embarrassed, frustrated, or blamed me. What I appreciated most was Christin's abundant humor, compassion, and forgiveness that made it easy to own up when, honestly, things were pretty f*cked up. Her interventions were gentle, and she always let me own the process of my recovery. She never forced me to do anything I didn't want to do ("I am terrified of snacks and WILL NOT eat them") but instead was able to explain why it would be important ("You might feel less nauseous and have more energy if you ate snacks") and let me take charge adopting them ("Let's start with ONE snack you might like to try this week. Let's talk about what sounds tasty and fun to you!"). I saw Christin for a year, and I'm a year out from my last appointment with her. I cannot overstate what a difference it made. My chronic nausea is gone. My fatigue is gone. I don't lose hours of my day worrying about what to eat, or how much, or when, or how guilty I'm going to feel afterwards. I go to restaurants! I eat with friends at their houses! I cook new and different meals! I have SNACKS! EVERY DAY!! I even healed my relationship with exercise. I have ways I LOVE to move my body now that have everything to do with how it makes me feel and nothing to do with how it makes me look. Being STRONG and HEALTHY and HAPPY tastes better than skinny ever felt, y'all. LIFE TASTES BETTER IN EVERY WAY on the other side of ED recovery. Thank you Christin for helping me get here.

-Jess W.

When we started working together I was struggling with an eating disorder I had basically my entire life. We worked hard to change the beliefs I had about food & fight back against my eating disorder. I couldn’t have done it without Christin. Later on in my journey I began dealing with chronic GI issues that led me to the point of needing a feeding tube. Christin advocated so hard for my doctors to care about my nutrition & I don’t know where I would be without her.


Christin has been an absolute lifesaver for me. When I first met Christin, I was struggling with restricting my food intake, binge eating, and over exercising. Christin has had the most refreshing viewpoint on the way to treat your body and how to fuel it and move it appropriately. I truly do not know what I would do without her. I cannot imagine a better nutritionist, and I am so grateful to her for everything she has taught me and all of the advice she has given me over the years.


Christin was the first provider and first person in my life who took my eating disorder seriously. From our first session in 2020 she validated my feelings but also pushed me to break down my beliefs around food and health. Her realness and immense knowledge gave my eating disorder little room to hide which is exactly what I needed. I was in denial for a very long time and wasn’t ready to give up my eating disorder for the first year we worked together. After months of treatment Christin was still there, cheering me on. She stuck with me through some of the darkest times of my life and showed me the way to recovery. From weight restoration to debunking diet culture I slowly started to make progress. Christin is willing to go the extra mile to help her clients succeed and that is exactly what she did for me. After working together for almost 3 years I can confidently say that she saved me from my eating disorder.


Christin is a lifesaver. She came into our daughters life in the worst of her eating disorder when we were learning to navigate the storm; when as a mom my head was spinning from understanding how we got to this place and needed a lifeline. She saved my daughters life; not only did she address the monster of her eating disorder and help my daughter navigate through learning to love herself, her body and pull her through the worst days; she let her go through the emotions in all their awfulness and faced it head on with our daughter and us as parents. In a time of Covid when a therapist was non existent Christin offered unwavering support. Christin offered the resources and advise without any judgment. She helped us all understand a disease that we just could not wrap our heads around. She gave us our daughter back. She did it all with her while meeting her where she has been at and continues at this time to help her get through the good and bad, she has done all of this without removing the sports that keep her going, teaching her how to eat to give her the nutrition she needs to not only receive the daily nourishment but to be able to be the athlete she wants to be. She is patient and able to reach my daughter is ways we as parents were not able to. Our family is so grateful for monadnock nutrition services.


When I began working with Christin Saucier, I was trying to end my eating disorders but struggling to reconcile the harm I was experiencing from dieting with all of the fatphobia we hear from doctors and media. Christin exposed me to a lot of resources to help me better understand the underlying ideology and junk science of diet culture. She supported without judgement and helped me finally achieve recovery, which is where I am today.


I’ve been working with Christin since 2019. We have been through all levels of care together ; residential, PHP, IOP, and outpatient. Through all of these transitions she has met me exactly where I was in my recovery journey. I have worked with a handful of dietitians and what sets Christin apart is the way she creates a safe space for her clients to practice vulnerability without judgement. I have never once felt judged when I share my eating disorder thoughts and behaviors during our sessions. When I first started working with Christin my world was so small because I was so entangled in Anorexia’s grasp. Christin has given me strategies to combat my fears around food, helped me learn how to trust my hunger/fullness cues, stand up to diet culture, and find my own voice again. With her support, knowledge, and guidance I have been able to start creating a life free from Anorexia. A life filled with joy and love that I never thought possible for me. Christin has played an important role in my recovery and I cannot thank her enough for helping me get my life back!

-Holly M