Eating Disorder Recovery Support Groups

Support groups are a vital part of ED recovery as it can provide a sense of community, be seen and understood by others. Join us through Zoom, a HIPAA compliant platform today!

We currently offer two support groups that are 6-weeks long for up to 10 participants starting the week of September 19, 2022. Registration is first come first serve. 

At this time, we are not accepting insurance for the support groups. 

Disclaimer:  Support groups are intended to provide peer support and not replace individual treatment 

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Fresh Out of Treatment

For those who are transitioning out of ED treatment programs and want more support. It can be challenging when you go from an environment where you are understood and have unlimited support and back to the real world. 

Topics include: Staying accountable on the meal plan, challenging food rules, fear foods and learning to create a recovery positive environment 


Cost: $400 for 6 sessions

Time: 6pm EST on Sept 19, 2022


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Almost Recovered

This support group is for those who are no longer engaging in ED behaviors and are seeking an environment where they can continue to seek recovery.

Topics include: Understanding intuitive eating, practicing mindful movement, combating diet culture in day to day life and creating self monitoring ways to stay accountable to ED recovery. 


Cost: $400 for 6 sessions

Time: 6pm EST on September 20, 2022 

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